September 2009
Smoke Condition

The Merion Fire Company assisted by Narberth responded to Sam's Grill in the Wynnewood Shopping Center today for a smoke condition in the building. The problem was handled and the building vented.
Unattended Gas Stove

The Merion Fire Company handled a unattended gas stove that was left on today on Cricket Ave in Ardmore. Crews gained access to the residence and were able to shut off the stove.

12th Annual Main Line Run

The 12th Annual Main Line Run was held on Saturday the 26th of September. The event is put on by the Main Line Chamber of Commerce and all proceeds go to the Main Line Chamber Foundation which provides college scholarships to volunteer firefighters of the 18 volunteer fire companies on the Main Line who are attending college. This year five firefighters from the Merion Fire Company recieved scholarships to help them with thir school bills. The event was an overwhelming sucess with over 650 runners and fire crews fom the entire Main Line.

Congratulations Matt Hand

GRADUATION CEREMONY ON Monday September 28, 2009

The Philadelphia Fire Department will hold graduation ceremonies for the Alpha Firefighter Cadet Class on Monday September 28, 2009 at 1:00 p.m. at the Philadelphia Fire Academy, 5200 Pennypack Street. The graduation class is comprised of twelve (12) Firefighter Cadets. The Firefighter Cadets will be assigned to fire stations throughout Philadelphia, Chester and Upper Darby PA.

Fire Commissioner Lloyd Ayers will administer the Oath of Office and offer congratulatory remarks.

The Academic Achievement Award will be presented to recognize the academic excellence and effort put forth by the top cadet throughout the entire 16-week training period. This award will be presented to Cadet John Paul Shirley of the Chester Fire Department.

The Physical Fitness Award is based on the combination of the results from a mile and a half run and the “Skills Proficiency Course”, which is a series of 12 timed, firefighting evolutions. The Physical Fitness Award will be presented to Cadet Matthew Hand of the Chester Fire Department.

The Commissioner’s Leadership Award, which is given to that cadet whose exemplary conduct has most demonstrated the positive qualities of Fire Department leadership, will be given to Cadet Mark St. Marie.

The Fellowship Award, which is given to the cadet whose conduct has most demonstrated goodwill and devotion to the Department and to his or her fellow cadets, will be presented to Cadet David Gallagher of the Upper-Darby Fire Department.

The Spirit Award winner, which is selected by the cadets themselves, will be presented to that individual which represents all of the positive qualities of the Alpha 2009 Cadet Class… from the students’ point of view. The Spirit Award recipient will be Cadet John Paul Shirley of the Chester Fire Department.

The ceremonies will conclude with Cadet Mark St. Marie of the Philadelphia Fire Department speaking on behalf of the class. The criteria used to select the class spokesperson was based on an evaluation of one’s character, work ethic, maturity and most of all, the level of commitment given to meet the physical, mental and emotional challenges that were presented to the cadets upon entering the Academy.

SEPTA Bus Accident
The Merion Fire Company of Ardmore responded to a report of a car fire after an accident this early morning on Lancaster Ave at Buck Lane. First arriving units found a collision between a car and a SEPTA bus. Firefighters worked along with EMS to remove victims. Nineteen people needed to be transported to various hospitals.
Van on Fire
Merion Firefighters handled a van fire on Greenfield Ave this afternoon.
Roof Fire
The Merion Fire Company of Ardmore along with Narberth Fire Company responded to a fire on the roof at the Whole Foods Market, 339 East Lancaster Ave. A cigarette was not properly extinguished from the roof top employee break area. The cigarette butt burned through a planter which extended to the rubber roofing material. Crews removed the roofing material and cooled it down with a handline. Crews responding, Penn Wynne Fire Company (Engine 21), Union Fire Company (FAST TEAM), Gladwyne Fire Company (Air Truck) and Narberth Ambulance ( EMS 313).
Basement Fire
Merion Fire Comapny assisted Narberth Fire Company with a basement fire at 386 Penn Road, Wynnewood. Lines were stretched into the basement and the fire was discovered in a closet. The fire was quickly knocked down and overhaul was completed. It appears that the fire started from a malfunctioning subpump / dehumidifier. Crews responding were Penn Wynne Fire Company (FAST TEAM), Gladwyne Fire Company (Engine 24 and Air 24), Narberth Ambulance (313 Rehab Unit) as well as Conshohocken Fire Company (Air 35).
Fumes in Residence
Merion Fire Company of Ardmore responded to Simpson Road, Ardmore on Saturday night for fumes in two houses. Firefighter donned their SCBA's before entering the residence when the source was found, an activated insecticide can. Positive pressure fans were set up to help vent the home from the toxic fumes.
Honoring 9/11/2001
MFCA members and families attended a ceremony to honor all the lives lost 8 years ago.

Car Into House
County dispatched MFC for a car into a building on Lippincott, where crews checked to make sure the scene was safe.


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