February 2010

Dispatched for Building Fire

Firefighters from MFCA and Bryn Mawr Fire Company were dispatched for a building fire at Montgomery Plaza Apartments, Ardmore. First in crews had an odor of something burning in the first floor apartment. Through the use of a thermal imaging camera, the origin ended up being an exterior heater for the apartment. Utilities were shut off and positive pressure was performed to rid the building from the mild haze. Crews were on scene for 45 minutes.

Odor Gas Leak

Members of The Merion Fire Company handled a possible natural gas leak on East Lancaster Ave in Ardmore on Saturday morning. Crews were on scene for a half hour and no leak was discovered.

FEB / 2010
Guest Lecture

Members of Lower Merion fire companies were invited this past Monday evening to listen to a great presentation on fire ground safety with strip malls and supermarkets. Bob Drennen, former Battalion Chief with Philadelphia Fire Dept. and current Chief Fire Marshal with Upper Moreland Township was our guest speaker for the evening. Bob's lecture showcased two deadly fires: Southwest Supermarket in Phoenix, AZ and Sofa Super Store in Charleston, S.C. where there were multiple line of duty deaths caused in these types of structures. It was well attended and gave everyone a new perspective on how these types of building fires need to be attacked. Thank you again to Bob Drennen for coming to Lower Merion and sharing your knowledge with us.

Elevator Rescue

Elevator rescue at the 429 Apartments on Montgomery Ave, Haverford.

Assist to Bryn Mawr

Ardmore assisted Bryn Mawr with smoke in the building at Wendy's. Units were back in service within a half hour.

Winter Storm Part III

Thank you again to all the members who stayed over night or who could spend a couple of hours during the day at the station.


Chief Hayden honored by RCLMN

On January 30, Chief Tom Hayden (owner of Hayden Printing which does our candidate mailings) of the Merion Fire Company of Ardmore was in Haverford at the time a building fire was reported. He was the first to arrive on the scene and was informed by a resident that an elderly woman was unaccounted for in the building. In order to save her, Chief Hayden ran into the building, entered the victim's bedroom on his hands and knees and found the victim unconscious. As he was taking her out of the room, he was met by Lower Merion Police Officer Mike Pleasant who helped him carry the victim from the smoke filled apartment.

When interviewed by the local tv stations, Chief Hayden refused to take credit for his save and instead humbly told the media that a "volunteer firefighter" made the rescue. Many of us forget that our local firefighters are volunteers. Thank you to Chief Hayden, Officer Pleasant and all the firefighters who put their lives on the line for our safety!

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Car Fire

The Merion Fire Company handled a working car fire on Railroad Ave at Lancaster Ave this morning during the blizzard.

Odor of Gas

The Merion Fire Company handled a report of a gas leak this morning in the 200 block of Chestnut Ave in Ardmore

Malfunctioning Fireplace

The Merion Fire Company handled a fire that involved the controls of a gas fire place last night during the blizzard on Bleddyn Road in Ardmore.

Odor of Gas

The Merion Fire Company handled a report of gas fumes in the Whole Foods Supermarket last night at the beginning of the blizzard.

Refrigerator Fire

Merion Firefighters handled a refrigerator fire this evening on Holland Ave.

Trash Can Fire

Trash can fire at Ardmore West today.

Public Assist Call

The MFC handled a public assist for a locked out resident on West Spring.

Fatal Fire in Haverford

The Merion Fire Company was dispatched to a fire alarm at the Hunter House Apartments, 449 West Montgomery Ave, Haverford. While enroute, police reported smoke in the hallway and coming from apartment 205. Chief 25 arrived on scene with smoke showing and upgraded it to a building fire. Engine 25's crew popped the apartment door and connected the high rise pack to the stand pipe. A quick search was done and the fire room was discovered. The bedroom fire was quickly knocked down and a victim was discovered while doing a search of the fire room. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene and the incident is currently being investigated by authorities.

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Gas Leak

The MFC responded to a Gas leak in the rear of the apartments at 104 West Montgomery Ave yesterday. Ardmore firefighters secured the leaking gas.


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